The Christmas 2002 Mens Ba'
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Throw-up to the end
There were many good moments during the game which was game was powered off Broad Street and down Victoria Street by the Uppies, but a Doonie break had the Ba' into gardens behind houses in Victoria Street for a time. the Uppies soon resumed their dominance and the game was over by 4pm, being won by Garry Cooper.

bax2002_51379 bax2002_51377
bax2002_51389 bax2002_51390
bax2002_51394 bax2002_51387
bax2002_51386 bax2002_51402
bax2002_51381 bax2002_51383
bax2002_51406 bax2002_51403
bax2002_51407 bax2002_51398


bax2002_51399 bax2002_51380
bax2002_51365 bax2002_51397
bax2002_51376 bax2002_51371
bax2002_49315 bax2002_51368

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