The Christmas 2002 Mens Ba'
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Victoria Street garden to Uppie goal
The scrum extricated itself from the garden down some steep stairs, and the Uppies then rumbled the game up the Street to their goal

bax2002_03113 14:44 The scrum became lodged in a small drying green against a house off Victoria Lane

bax2002_03114 14:56 The Uppies eventually pushed towards some stairs
bax2002_03116 15:04 which were successfully negotiated bax2002_03121 15:07 Back onto Victoria Street
bax2002_03124 15:13 past William Sheraer's bax2002_03125 15:14 and Spence's Square
bax2002_03128 15:16 towards Union Street bax2002_03137 15:20 There were lots of spectators
bax2002_03139 15:21 on across Union Street bax2002_03142 15:21 Where the Doonies tried a last rally
bax2002_03144 15:23 but the Uppies pushed on bax2002_03145 15:24 into Main Street
bax2002_03146 15:31 Against Costie's Pavilion bax2002_03149 15:35 and onwards up
bax2002_03151 15:36 The Doonies again pushed back hard bax2002_03152 15:36 but to no avail
bax2002_03154 15:36 and the scrum kept on going up bax2002_03160 15:48 almost there
bax2002_03162 15:48 The doonies pushed across Junction Road bax2002_03175 16:00 but soon the Uppies reached Mackieson's Corner
bax2002_03178 16:03 Garry Cooper emerges victorious bax2002_03179 16:03 with the ba' up his jumper
bax2002_03180 16:03 a big Uppie cheer bax2002_03181 16:03 the Ba' emerges
bax2002_03188 16:05 Victorious Uppies bax2002_03192 16:06 Winner hoisted aloft
bax2002_03195 16:07 Ken Amer and Magnus with winner
bax2002_03200 16:27 Examining his Ba'
bax2002_03184 16:04 The proud winner bax2002_03201 16:27 with his Ba' in the Royal

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