The Christmas 2002 Mens Ba'
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Victoria Street to break into gardens
The game was powered down Victoria Street by the Uppies, but a Doonie break had the Ba' into gardens behind houses in Victoria Street

bax2002_03071 13:38 Heading into Victoria Street bax2002_03072 13:38The Doonies could not stop the momentum
bax2002_03073 13:39 Victoria Street spectators bax2002_03074 13:40 The Ba' rumbled onwards
bax2002_03075 13:40 Passing RA Finn's bax2002_03080 13:49 Soon it was at WHB Sutherland's
bax2002_03081 13:49 There was a brief attempt to sally into a lane here bax2002_03082 13:50 but again Uppie pressure prevailed
bax2002_03083 13:50 and the Ba' reached the Orkney Hotel bax2002_03084 13:51 The Doonies tried again to stop progress
bax2002_03086 13:52 Despite their efforts the srcum carried on up the Street bax2002_03087 13:54 Outside Croy's the Doonie managed to push into a lane
bax2002_03089 13:56 However they could not keep it there long bax2002_03091 13:56 Other photographers at work!


bax2002_03092 13:56 Coming out of the lane bax2002_03100 14:07 The Ba' was thrown over a gate between Croy's and the Blide Trust
bax2002_03102 14:10 It ended up in the Blide Trust garden bax2002_03103 14:13 with the Uppies again in posession
bax2002_03105 14:15 The pack came over a wall bax2002_03106 14:15 with no injuries
bax2002_03107 14:15 and after some altercation bax2002_03111 14:41 Awaiting a break which did not come

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