The New Year 2003 Mens Ba'
The game was won by Uppie Bruce Moar.
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Junction Road from Phoenix car park to Mackieson's Corner
18:08 to 18:31 when the Ba' touched the wall

bany2003_03511 18:08 Once back on the street the Uppies were relentless
bany2003_03515 18:11 The Doonies tried to counter attack
bany2003_03516 18:12 But the Uppies were too strong by now
bany2003_03519 18:12 They rumbled the scrum on upwards
bany2003_03520 18:15 On towards Union Street
bany2003_03524 18:18 The Doonies had a rally here
bany2003_03527 18:26 But it was no no avail
bany2003_03529 18:26 As the Uppies just kept it moving
bany2003_03534 18:29 Disappointed Doonies
bany2003_03535 18:29 Finally Mackieson's Corner
bany2003_03538 18:31 The Ba' is touched
bany2003_03539 18:31 Much uppie cheering
bany2003_03543 18:34 Soon Bruce Moar was successful
bany2003_03546 18:35 He slowly appeared from the squabbling Uppies
bany2003_03548 18:35 There was still some altercation
bany2003_03549 18:36 The game is now well videoed
bany2003_03551 18:36 Finally the winner emerges
bany2003_03553 18:36 And hold up his Ba' to much Uppie delight
bany2003_03554 18:36 A proud moment
bany2003_03555 18:36 Happy Uppies
bany2003_03562 18:39 Off homewards
bany2003_03558 18:39 Proud Uppies celebrate another win

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