The New Year 2003 Mens Ba'
The game was won by Uppie Bruce Moar.
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Throw-up, Broad Street, St Magnus Lane, Junction Road 16:37 to 18:05

bany2003_03453 16:37 The Ba' surges past Jewsons
bany2003_03455 16:37 An on up Junction Road
bany2003_03456 16:38 There was loose play in the middle of the street
bany2003_03458 16:38 The Doonies attempted a rally
bany2003_03459 16:39 There was a lot of pressure in the scrum
bany2003_03460 16:39 Kenny surveys the scene - it may yet go "Up"
bany2003_03465 16:48 The Uppies were now in command
bany2003_03470 17:18 And pushed to West Castle Street
bany2003_03479 17:32 Soon the Doonies seemed to give up
bany2003_03480 17:32 The Ba' was pushed rapidly onwards
bany2003_03481 17:33 Towards Tankerness Lane
bany2003_03485 17:36 On past the Govermnet offices
bany2003_03487 17:42 The street was full of players and spectators
bany2003_03489 17:42 The Uppies were in good form by now
bany2003_03494 17:58 They continued onwards towards their goal
bany2003_03497 17:58 Outside the Salvation Army the Doonies rallied
bany2003_03498 17:58 Uppies pushing hard
bany2003_03502 18:00 The Doonies were in control of the Ba'
bany2003_03503 18:00 Something was going on here
bany2003_03504 18:00 The Ba' seemed to be missing
bany2003_03506 18:01 The street full of folk watching
bany2003_03507 18:01 There was a break into the Salvation Army "garden"
bany2003_03508 18:01 It was soon stopped before it could get far
bany2003_03510 18:05 The garden was soon full of players

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