The New Year 2003 Mens Ba'
1st January 2003 19:04 The game was won by Uppie Bruce Moar.
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Auld Motor Hoose, Junction road to Post Office and back 15:16 to 16:37

bany2003_03404 15:16 The Uppies managed to get the Ba' into the square at the pub
bany2003_03406 15:21 A small gropu of players held firm here
bany2003_03408 15:28 The Doonies tried hard to dislodge the Uppies
bany2003_03409 15:28 The pack on the street surged around
bany2003_03411 15:31 But they did not succeed at first
bany2003_03412 15:47 There was a huge crowd of spectators
bany2003_03414 15:53 Eventually the Doonies managed to get things moving
bany2003_03416 15:54 But they did not dislodge the Ba'
bany2003_03419 16:19 The street was full of people
bany2003_03420 16:19 The pleasant weather brought many out to watch
bany2003_03424 16:20 Uppies still had possession
bany2003_03425 16:20 One of many feints - this one was not real
bany2003_03429 16:21 Finally the Ba' broke out onto the street
bany2003_03431 16:21 There was hard play for a time
bany2003_03432 16:21 The Doonies were smelling the water by now
bany2003_03434 16:21 They pushed relentlessly on down
bany2003_03436 16:21 At the Post Office the Uppies rallied
bany2003_03439 16:25 They had not given up yet
bany2003_03443 16:28 Avril and Evan looking happy after the rally
bany2003_03444 16:31 The Uppies now put on the pressure
bany2003_03446 16:36 They surged back up Junction Road
bany2003_03447 16:36 The Doonies seemed to lose steam
bany2003_03450 16:37 Soon the Ba' was outside Jewsons
bany2003_03451 16:37 The Uppies were still in fighting mood

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