The New Year 2003 Mens Ba'
The game was won by Uppie Bruce Moar.
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Junction Road, Castle Street, Tullock's garage to Auld Motor Hoose 14:05 to 15:12

bany2003_03359 14:05 The Doonies pushed on towards Castle Street
bany2003_03362 14:07 And across the junction
bany2003_03363 14:07 The Uppies tried a push down west Castle Street
bany2003_03364 14:10 But the Doonies pushed back
bany2003_03366 14:15 And across to WR Tullock's garage
bany2003_03369 14:19 Unfortunately they had no baricade on the door
bany2003_03372 14:22 The Uppies pushed on up Castle Street
bany2003_03373 14:23 But the Doonies again rallied
bany2003_03376 14:28 Avril making her normal video
bany2003_03378 14:28 Back onto Junction Road
bany2003_03379 14:28 The Doonies had a big push
bany2003_03383 14:32
bany2003_03384 14:32 In among the melee
bany2003_03385 14:36 The Uppies tried to stem the momentum of the Doonies
bany2003_03387 14:42 The Uppies amanaged a break across non-barricaded petrol pumps
bany2003_03388 14:43 George says it all without words - while since the Ba' has been here!
bany2003_03389 14:44 A fracas in the car park
bany2003_03390 14:44 Spirts were quite high among some players
bany2003_03391 14:44 Oops
bany2003_03394 15:09 Another door succumbs to having no barricade
bany2003_03395 15:10 A push towards Junction Road
bany2003_03397 15:12 The Uppies were fishting back strongly
bany2003_03399 15:12 But soon the scrum was surging across Junction Road
bany2003_03400 15:12 And on towrds the Auld Motor Hoose

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