1997 Christmas Day Boys Ba'

The Xmas 1997 Boys' ba' was thrown up by Vira Burges, from a strong Doonie family, several of whom have won Mens' Ba's in the past. The Uppies had the weight from the start, but the Doonies kept up strong pressure, despite an the Uppie superiority in numbers.  A small scrum of perhaps 50 boys played a loose game with several attempted breaks.  Eventually the Doonies managed to push the pack as far as Orkney Television Enterprise by about 11:00.

Around 12:00 Keith Harcus (Uppie) made a dramatic break, but was stopped by George Keldie (Doonie).  Balfour Baillie then ran as far as WHB Sutherland before George Keldie again stopped the break.  The scrum soon reached James M Croy's shop, and another break this
time by Gary Kemp reached the West End Hotel in Main Street just before 12:00.

An Uppie push was aided by the proximity of Mackeson's Corner, and the Ba' was touched by 12:30.

After a good tussle between Barry Rendall and Balfour Baillie, the latter was finally raised in triumph with his Ba'.

all photos by Ken Amer, Orkney Photographic.  Copies available.  Please e-mail Charles.tait@zetnet.co.uk