New Year's Day Boys Ba' 1998 by Charles Tait

Mrs sandra tait throws up the NY 1998 Boys' Ba'

The Boys' Ba was thrown up by Kirkwall teacher, Sandra Tait, daughter of Uppie Ba' winner, Sandy Budge (New Year 1970)  at 10:30 on 1st January 1998 to a good scrum of boys.  The Boys' Ba ' is open to all those under 16.  A very strong game was played on Broad Street until about 12:50 when a Doonie break reached Ridgway Travel.  After some time in the Safeway carpark a break hid the Ba' for some time in a watertank in Jewson's yard on Junction Road.

Pictures by Ken Amer have been added showing the scrum at the throw-up.

Once the  Ba' was found (which took a good deal of seaching by the Ba' Committee) play continued on the Back Road.  The Uppies made progress towards Mackesen's Corner.  After some dispute, Keith Harcus was finally proclaimed winner about 15:15.

Keith Harcus celebrates at home, along with Mrs Sandra Tait
The 1998 NY Boys' Ba' was one of the longest Boys' Ba's ever.

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