New Year's Day Mens Ba' 1999 by Charles Tait
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The Ba' went up and was won by Andy Kemp, nephew of Brian Kemp, and uncle of Davie Leonard who won the Boys' Ba'.  The game was very exciting to watch and was over at about 16:00.  There was much good action and fluid play, with a very good Uppie break from Broad Street to the Phoenix car park.

The game reached Mackeson's corner just before 16:00 and the Ba' was touched.

Andy Kemp was declared winner with little dissent.  He is seen here with his Ba'.

The triumphant Uppies proceeding to the "Ba' Party" at Andy's house, which could last for several days.

Ken sending pictures to the newspapers.  Sandra has now got keen on the Ba' too and was there for most of the game.  Here she is in my office while I was getting these pages ready.

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The New Years' Day 1998 Mens' Ba' text by Charles Tait
photos by Charles Tait & Ken Amer