New Year's Day Mens Ba' 1998 by Charles Tait

The New Years' Day 1998 Mens' Ba' was thrown up by Bryce Donaldson, a prominent Doonie player who never himself won a ba'.

A large scrum fetched up against the Kirk Green wall after the throw-up.

The play on Broad Street was well contested for over an hour, but the Uppies never succeeded in getting beyond the Kirk Green.  By 14:00 the scrum was back at the throw-up position and a temporary Uppie possession of the Ba' led to a the pack going up onto the Kirk Green fetching up against the Cathedral graveyard wall.

By 15:00 the Ba' was in Castle Street, and soon progressed via the car park to Junction Road. The Uppies held up the progress as best they could, and there was a long hold while the Ladies Toilets were used as a last ditch Uppie strong point, but by 16:25pm the Ba' was in the Basin.

A struggle ensued with several names being called, but Graeme "Conger" King, a keen rugby player, was declared victor by16:45.

text by Charles Tait
photos by Charles Tait & Ken Amer